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What is Weegy?
No it is not a board game to communicate with the death. It is the website where you get paid for giving answers ask by the users. It is a kind of search engine which is partially depend on humans.

When Google does not have any answer, the question is transfered to the Weegy Expert. Weegy Expert are the person who gives the answer which is asked by some users.

How to Earn?

Earn simply  by giving answers. To become an expert fill out small registration form here. Then you are just pretty in.

When weegy's articfical intelligence doesn't know the answer, the question will be passed to the Weegy experts. Experts have only 15 seconds to accept the question. You can just type the answer in the answer box or support your answer with proper link. The most important thing is that the Expert tab should be opened to get the question. You can only open one expert tab at a time. Thats it. Isnt it simple. In case you dont know answer, you can simply pass the question to other expert.

For every answer you give, you will earn $0.20. It seems little but it will add up too fast. The money is not enough to support your family, but its good to earn some money while surfing. The minimum payout is $20 via paypal. If you couldn't reach the payout in particular month, then the earnings will be carried to next month.


1) Easy to find answer. You can search the answer on google or wiki.

2) Fast earnings. In one week you can make $10 in two hours.

3) Easy to reach payout.


1) You will not get reach and make thousands of dollar.

2) Earning is not constant. One day you can get 10 to 20 questions while on other day you may get 1 or 2 questions.

Is it Scam?

You really think so?  No its not a scam. Thousands of members have been paid by weegy and me too. So check out my payment proof.

Check this site here
Weegy Payment Proof